Atypical Guillain-Barre Syndrome in a known Case of Lumbar Canal Stenosis – A Clinical Dilemma

Vol 31 | Issue 1 | Jan – Apr 2018 | page: 19-20 | Vivek Vincent, Sudar Sreekumar, K P Ramkumar.

Authors: Vivek Vincent [1], Sudar Sreekumar [1], K P Ramkumar  [1]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Metropolitan Hospital, Thrissur. India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Vivek Vincent Valiyaveettil
Department of Orthopaedics,
Metropolitan Hospital, Thrissur. India.


Introduction: Guillian Barre is an autoimmune syndrome characterised by acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.Patients suffering from GBS typically have pain,numbness,paraesthesia and weakness in upper limbs and lower limbs.They do mimic symptoms of lumbar canal stenosis at certain occasions which can be very misleading and lead to a wrong diagnosis and management.Here,we report a case of a 60 yr old gentleman with an atypical GBS presentation with underlying lumbar canal stenosis.
Keywords: Atypical Guillain Barre, Lumbar canal stenosis


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How to Cite this Article: Vincent V, Sreekumar S, Ramkumar K P .Atypical Guillain-Barre Syndrome in a known Case of Lumbar Canal Stenosis – A Clinical Dilemma. Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics Jan- Jun 2018;31(1):19-20.


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