Functional and Radiological Outcome of Non-operative Management of Simple Bone Cyst of Humerus Presenting with Pathological Fracture

Vol 32| Issue 1 | Jan – June 2019 | page: 17-22 | Dominic Puthoor, Dijoe Davis, Shafeeq Muhammed Abubekkar

Authors: Dominic Puthoor [1], Dijoe Davis [1], Shafeeq Muhammed Abubekkar [1]

[1] Department Of Orthopaedics, Amala Institute Of Medical Sciences, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Dominic Puthoor,
Orthopaedic Oncologist, Amala Institute Of Medical Sciences, Thrissur, Kerala, India.


Simple bone cyst (SBC) is a tumor-like lesion affecting bone. Humerus is the most common site of SBC. Most of the cases of SBC in humerus presents with a pathological fracture. In our study, patients presenting with pathological fracture of SBC in humerus were treated with intracystic injection of Depo-Medrol (methylprednisolone acetate) under computed tomography guidance followed by immobilization in U-slab for 1 month. Clinical and radiological assessment was done during follow-up. It is found that the patients promptly regain excellent function though radiologically healing of the lesion is only partial.
Keywords: Simple bone cyst, Tumor-like lesion, Pathological fracture.


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