Learning The Right Way

Vol 32 | Issue 1 | Jan – June 2019 | page: 1 | Suresh Pillai

Authors: Suresh Pillai [1]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics,
Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, kerala, India.

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Suresh S Pillai
Consultant Spine surgeon
Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, kerala, India.
E-mail: sureshorth@googlemail.com

Learning The Right Way

Medical science is an ever changing science. What was thought as the gold standard in yester years has become obsolete in the current period. Mankind has made quantum leap in every field of science with methodical and enthusiastic research. The science changes with newer and newer evidences and better and better ideas. It is the era that has seen Pluto no more a planet in the solar system, and even Einstein’s E=MC2 is challenged substantially.
Have you thought of, why we learn science in English? Why we teach our children in English? We know their prospects are brighter in English medium. Most of the research is documented in English. It is spoken all over the world etc. Even in India with so many languages and cultural diversities, we are united with English!!. Similarly with leading research and landmark discoveries the western world has gone far ahead!.
If we really wish to make a mark, it is mandatory to instil ethical and honest research in our students. It should be included in our curriculum. It should be acknowledged and properly rewarded. Ilizarov, from a small village is known across the world for his ingenious methods which benefitted the humanity.
With knowledge explosion, it is impossible to keep updated with each and everything that comes across our way. Medicos, especially find it difficult to strike a balance with profession, personal life, family life and social life. Most of them go unrecognized in any of the field, where they have talent. Finally they get frustrated and behave badly. It is of utmost importance to recognise the talent of each student and bring them up in their field of interest. This would benefit the society at its best. Our curriculum should be modified accordingly. Selection to medical profession should be purely based on merit and aptitude. It is a matter of public health. Health is the most important aspect of anybody’s life. Don’t compromise it for money or any other “considerations”. We should bring in the right student for the job. Give them the essential material to study, to keep their enthusiasm intact, rather than bombarding them with huge bundles of theoretical books. Teaching should bring out inquisitiveness in the student. Teach him to question “Science”.Teach him to” be a leader”. Let him take the responsibility of the society and the future generation.
Most centres don’t encourage questions, which I should say, is suicidal. Medical curriculum should be completely practically oriented. How a student would manage a situation. It should be practiced regularly. Creative criticism and inquisitiveness should be encouraged and rewarded on its merit. Let us build world citizens!. Let our children be the sought after ones across the world!
So, I take this opportunity to urge my seniors, colleagues and juniors to come out with pure research. It needs passion and an open and inquisitive mind. Nothing else! Arise, Awake , “nothing can withstand the assault of constant thoughts”!

Dr Suresh S Pillai
Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics

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