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Volume 31 | Issue 2 | July – Dec 2018


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Suresh S Pillai

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Fellowship Report

KOA Fellowship Report

Saju S

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Original Articles

A Rare Presentation of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst – Calcaneum

N K Mohammad Salil, S Anoop, M Raffic

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Aseptic Acetabular Protrusio with Intrapelvic Migration of a Bipolar Prosthesis: A Case Report of a Rare Presentation and its Management

Nibu M Kurian, M J Joice Varghese, G Divya, S Dileep, John T John

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Surgical Management of Spinal Metastasis – A Retrospective Analysis of 150 Cases

Suresh S Pillai, Sunil Paul Pathrose, Abhiram Kannan, Moidu Shameer, G M Shameem, Prince Shanavas Khan, Radhesh Nambiar

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Open Knee Joint Injury Score(OKJIS)-A Scoring system for open injuries of the knee joint- A Pilot Study

Abdul Gafoor P.M, Rajesh Purushothaman

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Wrist Arthroplasty using Non-Vascularized Fibular Graft in Giant Cell Tumor of Radius – A Clinical Evaluation Report

Nikhil CS, Nithin M, Mani N J, Muraleedharan K D

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The incidence and distribution of pathological fractures in giant cell tumour of bone—
A retrospective study

Dominic K. Puthoor, Dijoe Davis, Leo Francis

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